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We offer over 30,000 animations in the library of each laser computer, and can create custom animations in real time!

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Promotional searchlights are a cost effective way to get noticed!

sky tracker searchlights in snow light show

Searchlight Rentals

Rent Sky-Tracker Searchlights from CTA Lasers!

skytracker searchlights at an event search lightCTA announces the addition of OUTDOOR Searchlights! Multi colored light beams in the sky are now possible! Single head and four head light beam systems are available! CTA now provides search light sales, search light service and search light rentals of the new stainless steel four head Sky-Cannon search light systems (Skytracker style) as well as the new 2000, 3000 and 4000 watt single head (stand alone) searchlights.

These searchlights from Europe are made of aircraft style manufacturing for complete durability and weatherproofing for your search light. Depending the atmosphere, the beams can be seen for miles with spectacular white reflections on the clouds that set off any event and attract visitors from miles away.

The single head searchlight systems run on 110 volts and can be placed anywhere easily as they are extremely portable. Search Light Colors can be added by the changing of the gels to create a multi color sky show! By placing these searchlight distances apart, the effects of a wall of light beams in the sky can be created as each search light moves in circles in the night sky. These searchlights draw less than 15 amps per light so power is easily attained at any location.

The four head searchlight systems are mounted on trailers with generators or provided separately without trailers for easy roof mounting. These searchlight systems are also impervious to weather and come in high powered XENON lamp sources for high visibility. These search lights rotate in opposing directions to create a "bouquet" of beams in the sky that can be seen for miles.

CTA rents and sells these searchlights, and provides searchlight servicing and searchlight parts for all our lighting products. Contact us for more details.