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Examples of how lasers can project your corporate logo and graphics.

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Examples of lasers used in the creation of movie, film, and theatre effects.

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Live Laser Light Show

Outdoor Laser Event Photos

Examples of our Lasers at live outdoor events

Here is a collection of live laser & light show photographs taken at some of the many outdoor events we have serviced over the years. These photos show just a portion of the laser services and laser equipment we use to make your next outdoor event a spectacular and successful one. Contact us to find out more about what CTA Lasers can do for you for your next event.

laser projection in a football stadium show

Live Laser & Light projection on the field at a live football game.

live laser projection on a snow covered mountain at Lake Tahoe

The mountains at Lake Tahoe projecting on a ski resort during a torch light parade. The snow makes a great screen for this live laser venue.

laser show projection on a water screen

Laser projecting on a water screen during a live event.

live laser show projection on a snow covered mountain

Multiple laser projections on a mountain during a live fire works show.

live laser light show projection on clouds

The American Airlines logo projected on clouds.