spectacular, professional laser effects for any occasion


Application of the Laser

An overview of the versatility of the laser and the unlimited possibilities it offers.

Glossary of Laser Terms

A handy glossary of laser technology terminology for those who are new to the industry.

Laser animation created by drawing created by lasers

The Versatility of the Laser

Lasers = Unilimited possibilities and spectacular animated graphics

Pencil-thin laser beams are capable of projecting onto screens, walls and even clouds to produce extrodenary kaser effects. Controlled by a specially designed computer software program, the laser images can be anything from written messages and corporate logos to fully animated laser picture sequences that rotate, spin, zoom, and interchange up to sixteen different colors.

Applications for the laser include:

In addition to projected laser graphics, the unique optical properties of the laser beam itself can render spectacular effects used in "Laser Light Shows". It is clear that the laser has tremendous advantage in its ability to attract attention by means of its own physical presence. Its popularity is ever increasing, now being used in various markets of entertainment.

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