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Concerts & Nightclubs

Touring stages as well as club venues enjoy the excitement that lasers bring.

A.V. & Corporate Theatre

Lasers provide the razzle dazzle to bring any corporate event to life!

Animation & Graphics

We offer over 30,000 animations in the library of each laser computer, and can create custom animations in real time!

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Promotional searchlights are a cost effective way to get noticed!

live laser and light shows at nightclub venues

Concert & Nightclubs - Live Laser Shows

Lasers & Light Shows for Concerts & Nightclubs

live laser shows at concert venuesBoth progressive and established musicians have incorporated laser shows into their stage shows in recent years. The special effects produced by the laser further establishes an aura of excitement already created by the performers on stage. The laser is a superb vehicle to draw people into night-clubs. When the lasers begin, all eyes are riveted to the spectacular laser effects.

Touring stages and nightclubs benefit tremendously from lasers effects. The excitement live laser effects create sets the stage for the performance! Unforgettable laser beams, laser tunnels, laser cones, and laser waves create a unique 'feel' in a stage environment, and draws the crowd to the center point of the stage. Live Laser graphics have complimented clubs for years with the announcements of special occasions, talent, and promotions; and can combine the theme of each club in the graphics. Rock concerts use our lasers to project graphics around the hall and stage to convey a unified theme.

Through the use of lasers such as Argon, Krypton, and solid state Yag lasers, a nightclub or concert venue can come alive. "3-D" laser images can appear to hover over the heads of the crowd, lasers projected on "scrim" or "bobbinet screens". These "netting" style curtains are the perfect material to allow the laser graphics to pass through while creating a laser three dimensional graphic that appears to hover in mid air. A laser beam work creating a grid or "spider web" of laser beams can reach out and draw each member of the audience towards the stage and center of attention.

Laser equipment from CTA Lasers producing the laser show effects everyone wants are available for purchase or lease.

Information is available upon request.