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Application of the Laser

An overview of the versatility of the laser and the unlimited possibilities the laser offers with live shows.

Glossary of Laser & Laser Show Terms

A handy glossary of laser technology terminology for those who are new to the laser industry.

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Glossary of Laser Terminology

A handy list of Laser Show terms and definitions...

Here are some common and not-so-common terms you may encounter when researching laser show technology. If you would like to know more about the laser technology and laser services that CTA Lasers can provide, please contact us.

Aerial effects
A term used in the laser show industry to describe the effects that travel through space or through the air and are viewed as beams, tunnels, cones and fan effects
Gas used inside the typical blue/green wavelengths laser tube in laser shows.
Atmosphere Effects
A term used for fog machines, smoke machines and haze machines used with laser light shows.
Laser Beam Effects
Simple laser beams which typically are projected form any laser projector by the hundreds or thousands creating a grid work over the heads of the audience at laser shows.
Laser Bounce Mirrors
An industry term used to describe the mirrors used by laserists to reflect the laser beams created by lasers around the room or venue at laser shows.
DAC Board
The word used to describe a digital to analog circuit board that converts digital signals from a computer to analog frequencies that are heard by galvonometers to move the laser bounce mirrors.
A type of stepper motor of sorts, typically called a scanner, that spins a small shaft that a mirror is mounted on. When voltages are applied from the "driver" board that runs this scanner, the shaft moves the mirror thus reflecting the laser light to accurate positions and makes the laser graphic at laser shows.
Krypton Gas
Gas used inside a typical glass laser tube to create the red and yellow wavelengths seen at laser shows.
Liquid Sky effect
The term used to describe a wave or fan effects that creates a "ceiling" of laser light over the heads of the audience at live laser shows.
HeNe or Helium Neon Gas
HeNe or Helium Neon Gas is used in a glass laser tube to create the red wavelength at low power levels at laser light shows.
Laser Graphics
Laser Graphics are created from a raster type scan by a computer sending frequencies created by a DAC board in the computer to a series of galvonometers or scanners that move the laser beam to create a laser generated graphic used in live laser shows.
Laser Tunnel or Time Tunnel
The word used to describe the circle created in laser light that cuts through the air, creating a tunnel effect that appears to go on for infinity. Used to introduce speakers coming from the future or as an entry into a venue.
Mixed Gas Laser
A laser that typically has a mixture of Argon and Kyrpton gas in the tube to create white light, all colors at live laser shows.
A theater style venue that displays an educational show of the galaxies, planets and stars; very often augmented with laser light shows.
Razzle Dazzle
An industry slang expression to denote "sparkle" or "excitement" at an event that lasers create at live laser events.
White Light Laser
The term used to describe mixed gas laser light systems, or any laser producing a multi color wavelengths in the white color for full color display often seen at live laser shows.