spectacular, professional laser effects for any occasion


Laser Shows for Concerts & Nightclubs

Touring stages as well as club venues enjoy the excitement that laser light show brings.

Laser Shows for A.V. & Corporate Theatre

Lasers provide the excitement and razzle dazzle to bring any corporate event to life!

Laser Animation & Graphics

We offer over 30,000 animations in the library of each laser computer, and can create custom animations in real time!

Searchlight Rentals, Sales, Repairs and Parts

Promotional searchlights are a cost effective way to get noticed!

lasers shows at corporate events

A.V. & Corporate Theatre

Lasers for Audio-Visual Shows & Corporate Theatre

Animated Laser Logo Graphics ProjectionMany corporations have utilized the services of CTA lasers in audio-visual shows to increase audience recall and to obtain a higher level of enthusiasm. CTA laser systems allow you to use light and laser beams along with laser images to emphasize your theme and reinforce your message.

Laser Shows provide the excitement to bring any corporate event to life! From the introductions of speakers and talent through a laser time tunnels to laser beams lighting up any room that make each event unforgettable and excite the guests. Laser graphics can be featured any event - CTA lasers has over 30,000 laser graphics in their library with the ability to draw graphics and laser animations ON SITE !

CTA Lasers uses 3-D screens by utilizing a bobbinet or scrim for the three dimensional look, causing graphics to appear as if they are hovering in mid air. Projecting a Yag, Krytpon, Argon or mixed gas white light laser on these screens make colors come alive. These laser projection screens allow our laser graphics and animations to be projected ON as well as THROUGH the screen. This is not only a futuristic look, but spectacular as well; focusing the audience's attention on the text and laser animations.