spectacular, professional laser effects for any occasion


Laser & Light Shows for Concerts & Nightclubs

Touring stages as well as club venues enjoy the excitement that lasers bring.

Laser & Light Shows for A.V. & Corporate Theatre

Lasers provide the razzle dazzle to bring any corporate event to life!

Animation & Graphics w Lasers & Lights

We offer over 30,000 animations in the library of each laser computer, and can create custom animations in real time!

Searchlight Sales, Rentals, Repairs, and Parts.

Promotional searchlights are a cost effective way to get noticed!

laser animation with custom graphics

Laser Animation & Graphics by CTA Lasers

Computerized Laser Animation and Graphics

laser animation of roseLaser Animation or "Moving Pictures" are effectively produced with computerized laser graphics and an unlimited number of graphics including custom logos can be projected in an infinite number of ways in any environment. All with laser animation.

CTA Lasers & Animations carry over 30,000 graphics and animations in their libraries to each event and job. We also have the capability of creating real time "custom" graphics such as scrolling text and animation work at the event site! This is what makes CTA Laser Animations the best in their field; we understand not all sponsors can be named far in advance of the event, and that not all text and graphic requirements can be thought of beforehand. More importantly, many unexpected screen locations and sizes may become available to the laserist on site. These situations lend themselves to the laserist "tailor making" the graphics to each individual screen, wall, or building. This flexibility is critical in making your event as special as possible.

CTA Laser Animations brings graphics to life with the use of Krypton, Argon, mixed gas white light, and Yag lasers. Along with these established laser animation technologies, we have introduced our new solid state red laser. These laser wavelengths allow us to create laser animations, laser graphics and laser light shows that are truly spectacular. Let CTA Laser Animations bring your ideas and messages to life and create an unforgettable visual experience with Laser Animation.