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Corporate Laser Logo Gallery

Examples of how lasers can project your corporate logo and graphics.

Movies, Theatre & Film

Examples of lasers are used in the creation of movie, film, and theatre effects. Use CTA Lasers for your next film to give it that unforgetable laser effect.

Outdoor Laser Event Gallery

Examples of lasers used at outdoor events to create an unforgetable laser show!

Live Laser Light Show

Corporate Logo Photos

Examples of Lasers and Corporate Logos

Here is a collection of photographs of lasers in action taken at some of the many corporate events we have serviced with our laser services over the years. These photos show just a portion of the laser services and laser equipment we use to make your corporate event a spectacular one. Contact us to find out more about what CTA Lasers & light shows can do for you.

yag lasers at corporate event laser show

Unforgettable laser criss cross of beams at corporate laser event. This is a perfect example of two lasers mounted on either side of the stage to create the laser grid work or "spider-web" of laser & light beams.

time tunnel effect laser at corporate event lasers lisght show

A "time tunnel" or "laser tunnel" projected form the stage to create the illusion of going ahead or back in time all with lasers. Perfect for introducing speakers or characters to appear from the past.

laser fan effect used at a corporate event

Laser fan effects of multiple colors. White light laser used in a multi-color beam array to create a awsome laser light show.

multiple color laser tunnel

A multi-color laser tunnel, achieved with a white light laser. Creates an spectacular laser show.

red and green lasers

A red laser mixed with the green laser for multi colored laser beam work. These are the highest-powered red air cooled portable lasers (110 volts)  produced today!

laser beam and graphics show

A traditional laser beam and graphics show for the corporate theater. Spectacular look coming from the stage created by lasers.

laser video projection

An example of a laser video projection.